lose-weight-yogaWe live in a fat world of fat people that even have fat pets! We somehow lost sight of the fact that taking care of ourselves means keeping our body fat to a minimum and staying fit to be healthy and live longer. Taking care of ourselves these days means making sure we have the best car, house, boat wardrobe money can buy and that we can do and eat as we please, just as long as we are happy. But are we happy? Being fat is nothing to sniff at and losing the extra weight SHOULD be our highest priority, especially since we are setting bad examples for our kids. The eat stop eat review was something I stumbled onto by accident and am very happy for it as it gives an alternative to how to get fit and healthy safely and for good.

We only have ourselves to blame for the way we look. Well, us and the media. It’s hard to ignore when it’s everywhere we go or look; billboards and TV ads, radio inserts and even magazines and newspapers. We are bombarded with fast foods, fat and sugar and loads of starch at every turn, so it’s no wonder we look the way we do. But we can put a stop to it. Like I said, we are the reason why we look this way. By putting a stop to take-outs every other night and every day of every weekend, we are already making huge changes in how we look and ultimately feel. Other ways are to make some changes in our daily lives, but start small. By starting small and doing it slowly, it is not quite such a shock to the system (and the family). Here are a few suggestions for small changes and even a few alternatives. I will even put in some facts about products you have been using all your life that will shock you.

Small change number 1 (I am not going to number every single one, it’s just a starting point) is to drink more water. Fresh water is so important because half the time when we feel hungry, we are actually thirsty! Unbelievable, but it is a fact. We get dehydrated without even realizing it. Any drink that has no added cane sugar or corn syrup or caffeine is acceptable as water intake for the day. Make sure you drink enough, not 8 glasses a day. Realistically for adults it’s more like 2 to 3 litres, obviously less for children. Continue reading

Panic and StressAs an anxiety sufferer, I often felt alone, that nobody would or could understand what was wrong with me or be able to help me. Interestingly enough, almost every single person who suffers from anxiety or panic attacks believes the exact same thing. The scary truth is almost everyone suffers to some degree of anxiety. Although not everyone’s anxiety attacks escalate to full blown panic attacks.

To anyone who is looking for  some insight, guidance or maybe even some self help, look up panic away review.  It is a system (for lack of a better word) developed by a studying psychologist. He devised a way of helping people by teaching them how to control their fear of fear, so to speak. Essentially it helps people to overcome anxiety by confronting their fears of attacks and dealing with them instead of simply treating the symptoms. Continue reading

panic-shoutCan you remember a time in your past where you faced a fearful moment and felt extremely anxious? You probably remember then, struggling to cope with those sorts of emotions and feelings.  Today and right now you may still be struggling with reliving those same sorts of feelings again and again and quickly becoming anxious and distressed when you do.

The linden Method is a program that can help you deal with anxiety and panic attacks. There are many linden method reviews that say how successful the program has been for users. The Charles Linden approach is a natural drugs free one that uses your own brain to retrain it into altering your thoughts and feelings that are causing the anxiety. The program is also designed mainly to deal with the problem of having a panic attack and to being able to stop these from occurring.

There are some people that have a theory that what happened in our past can mean that you can inherit anxiety from your family.  Certainly there is not enough known about the causes of anxiety to be sure of this theory.  Although copied behaviour traits are real and these do get passed down through families. Consider how you have learnt new skills and habits and behaviour, indeed we learn from rote and from watching and copying others behaviour. For example someone probably taught you how to ride a bike. Unfortunately not all skills taught are positive and it is at all possible that you have developed some learned negative behaviour and this could include having a fear of something.

Some people believe that babies can show an anxiety trait from a very early age which indicates it is an innate part of their personality. This could be true as often we can see children playing who display much more confidence than other children who hide away and do not want to play with other children. Continue reading

male-flirting-tecniquesWomen are picky when it comes to men. Everybody knows this, especially the men who were rejected…repeatedly. Women are also considered “bitchy” towards men and can even be downright cruel to them. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, choose a beautiful woman at random and just try talk to her at a club or bar this weekend and then tell me how well it went. So you struck out, huh? Badly? Yeah, we all know the feeling. Being shot down by a beautiful woman in public is enough to completely emasculate you and make you want to crawl under a rock forever and pretend the world doesn’t exist. Ok, fair enough, but what if I told you there is a way to make that same woman want you and go home with you at the end of the night? Feel better now? Good, now read on while you lick your wounds. This is my tao of badass review.

Before you get the wrong idea about women and why they do these things to us, let me tell you about Josh Pellicer a bit. He was exactly like you. He is an average kind of guy who got way lucky and was dating a woman way out of his league (or so he thought). She was hot and he was definitely not. The guy was useless at things like basic sports, he is short, and he does not have loads of money, in fact he claims to be flat broke most of the time. (Don’t feel quite so bad anymore, yeah?) The thing is despite all his shortcomings in the eyes of women in general, he kicks as at dating the most stunning women around, and lots of them. How does he do it? Well he has a secret, which I am going to reveal (some of it anyway) to you. Continue reading

text-flirtingOk by now everyone should have a pretty good idea what magnetic messaging is about. For those who are just joining us, read the first few articles on the topic as it goes into a lot more detail about who wrote the book and the gist of it. For the rest of you, lets delve deeper shall we?

Let’s follow a more specific vein and focus on one aspect of magnetic messaging; getting a girl’s phone number. Yeah ok so climbing Mount Kilimanjaro seems like a walk in the park compared to this. But let’s face it; you are never going to get anywhere if you chicken out on the first few steps.

Right so the first thing to do is get out. As in GO out. Go to clubs, bars, whatever, just be seen in public. And don’t just sit at the bar clutching your drink in terror, you will actually have to interact with people. To be fair, this is easier to do if you take re-enforcements with you. Have one of your most trusted buddies as your wing man. Just don’t take the friend who women find mildly repulsive or tell inappropriate jokes to strangers and then laughs manically at his own humour. Not smooth!

Again, do not weld your butt to the bar stool or hang out in the darkest corner of the room hoping to blend in. You will not get any numbers this way. You will have to talk, yes talk to girls. Pay attention to her body language when you talk to her. This way you will be able to determine if she is mildly annoyed, creeped out or just not interested in you. If she is not interested, don’t freak out and leave, just move on. If she turns towards you and starts talking to you easily, then you are in! Chances are you will get her number, especially if she is talking about things she enjoys doing and places she likes. This is a great sign. Just bear in mind that if you try instigate any conversation with a girl with opening lines like”Hey, how you doing?” or anything mundane like that, the weather or sports, you will be dead in the water. Continue reading

Woman loosing weightEat stop eat is a weight loss system that is based on intermittent fasting…literally not eating for anywhere from 12 to 24 hours for at least one day a week (to begin with anyway). This weight loss plan was developed by a certified nutritionist, Brad Pilon.  He himself used this plan to lose weight and become a fitness trainer and bodybuilder. So what is this based on and how does it work? The following article will give you some of the answers you are looking far, so read on, if your interest has been piqued.

Essentially eat stop eat is based on two supporting structures, or concepts, for lack of a better word, and they are intermittent fasting for weight loss and strength workouts to build muscle mass. Why muscle mass? Because lean muscle burns fat faster and quicker than anything else, and combined with a good eating program, it’s unbeatable.

Let’s look at the first one (intermittent fasting) since strength workouts is pretty much self explanatory. Brad’s research shows that one of the most effective ways to lose weight and get your eating habits under control, is fasting. And the best way to do this is to start slow, literally only one day a week to start with. By slowly becoming accustomed to it, you can, with lots of practice, eventually fast for up to three days a week, lose weight and still gain lean muscle mass. Essentially, it must become a part of your regular eating routine.

This is where the eat stop eat diet differs completely to all other diets. If like most people you believe that when you are fasting your metabolism slows down, you would be correct. This is true of when we over-eat as well. This is what makes it so difficult for us to lose weight (especially when we get older, like in our 30’s). Here is what makes the eat stop eat diet incomparable; when you fast in short burst of about 24 hours, this does not happen. In fact it takes longer than a day or even 3 for our metabolisms to start slowing down. The added benefit is that fasting has a cleansing effect on the body and helps you get control of your normal eating habits. It’s almost like you are teaching yourself self discipline where food is concerned, and to consider carefully what you put into your body. Continue reading

alkaline-poultryOver time, people have changed the latest health fads to suit a growing awareness of what we really need in order to maintain perfect health.

The trouble is, a diet that is just a passing craze is not something that one can make a lifestyle out of.  Diets made by cutting out starches, or drinking smoothies instead of eating were never meant to be a long term solution, and because of this immutable fact, the diet fad dies away.   It brings the next best thing along, and those of us desperate for a solution jump onto the next big diet phenomenon, only to be disappointed that the results don’t last.

The alkaline diet plan is not a diet craze, it is not a passing fancy.  To begin an alkaline lifestyle is to ensure our body’s long term success, because it not only works, but the results can be felt immediately.   This lifestyle is made for long term use, and unlike fad diets, the science behind it speaks for itself.

If you find yourself feeling sluggish, if you are often sick because every season brings with it a new nasty bug that wreaks havoc on your abused body, it is your body’s way of sending you a warning sign that should not be ignored.

We are exposed to so many chemicals, food additives and preservatives, false sugars, and even pollutants in our air, that our body is filled to capacity with toxins that people were never meant to harbor.   Our body is a great infection fighter all on it’s own, but why make the job harder on it by eating things that make it worse? Continue reading

teen-natural-acne-treatmentAcne is a skin condition that causes various types of blemishes and boils to appear in places such as the face, back and chest. Acne varies in its severity and is commonly associated with puberty, teens and hormones. When puberty strikes it can trigger the onset of acne for some; however hormones cannot be totally blamed for acne as it also can affect adults. Unfortunately when acne does occur it can last into adult hood and for a great number of years.

For someone who suffers with acne this can affect their self-esteem. When you are introduced to somebody for the first time your eyes are drawn to the face area; it’s perfectly normal to have eye contact and look directly at them. As acne appears mostly on the face, this could cause distress to a young adult at a time when they desperately want to appear at their best, particularly to the opposite sex. This is when having acne starts to affect the social lives of sufferers, and they can be badly affected psychologically by not wanting to socialise.

A person who has acne is likely to feel embarrassed when someone is looking at them. This might lead to them trying to conceal their acne by perhaps using make-up or having a hairstyle that covers some of their face. Sinec appearance plays a big part in our feeling good about ourselves, we want to be able to treat our acne and get rid of it.

There are more and more health related books available online, however we rarely find books that support a cure for acne. Most people believe that over the counter topics and creams are the only way to cure acne, when in fact it has been known that these types of treatments sometimes worsen the condition and are often only a short term fix.

Mike Walden, who is the author of “Acne No More” designed a system that works at treating acne from the inside and doesn’t require creams or medications. The Program has received a vast amount of positive testimonials. Lots of people turned to the internet to praise the program, there are a huge amount of positive acne no more reviews that come from users who completed the system with success. Mike Walden is a qualified nutritionist and has been a medical researcher for many years.
Continue reading


If you are looking into South Africa holidays, one of the most important considerations is where you are going to stay. Wilderness is in the Garden Route South Africa and features some of the best tourist attractions and things to do. In fact, there are so many things to experience, you may find it difficult to decide. While you are there, you will want to have the finest accommodations possible, and here are some things to know about the area and the places to stay.

The Garden Route South Africa features some of the loveliest scenery in the world. If you would like to enjoy a walk on the beach, this is a good place. You might want to hike and explore and one will not run out of things to do and places to visit.

The Garden Route is in the Western and Eastern Capes and runs all along the shoreline. You will find more than one national park with a large variety of fun things to experience. Most visitors appreciate being out and away from the maddening crowds of people, as they can turn off all of their mobile devices. If you’re looking to “get out” into nature we couldn’t recommend a better tour operator than Cape Tours, who are experts in South Africa holidays and tours.

Maybe you are tired of your same old routine every day of getting up, going to work, and then coming home. One of the best ways to escape from this grind is to see nature at its purest. At the same time, you are never far away from all the conveniences of home. This is truly an area that captures the best of both worlds.

When you search for the finest accommodations, you do not have to go any further than your computer. Thanks to the World Wide Web, one can visit some of the best places along the Garden Route. Another important advantage of online shopping is visiting accommodation websites. The better ones provide a complete description of each room that is available. In addition, you can get an excellent view of each room and literally “see inside”.

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